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Meet the Your Story in Photos Family



Nice to e-meet you! Romana and Emanuele here. We are a married couple, the proud parents of two boys, and the co-founders of the Lisbon Photography brand Your Story in Photos. We are hopeless wanderers, foodies, curious minds, and human rights advocates. In our spare time we like travelling, making pizza at home, drinking creamy espresso, playing with our kids, reading books, listening to music, and cuddling on the couch while watching movies and series together.

Even if Romana is no more actively involved in Your Story in Photos‘s day-to-day work, telling visual stories through creative photography is a passion for both of us. This passion began several years ago when we were both living in Dublin, Ireland, as corporate workers. Whether we shot in our neighborhood, or on one of our trips, image-making helped us discover beauty and stories even in the most unexpected things. Before we could realize, photography became an integral part of our life, our very own way to make sense of the world around us.


Emanuele is from beautiful Siracusa in the south eastern corner of Sicily, Italy, but he left his hometown when he was 18. He’s been a full-time professional photographer for several years now and has worked with various clients in the travel & tourism industry, including the Tourism Bureau of Central¬†Portugal, Momondo, and Mr. Hudson Explores. He photographed Portuguese author Nelson Carvalheiro’s book on Portuguese Gastronomy “Viagens pelas receitas de Portugal“, which won two international Gourmand awards. His travel pictures have been published by several print magazines such as National Geographic and Afar – Out of his interest in social issues, Emanuele occasionally works on projects along with several Portuguese and international NGOs.

Emanuele is the main shooter, editor, social media manager, and point of contact at Your Story in Photos. When not taking pictures, he’s either playing with his kids, reading, playing guitar, or cooking. Speaking of which, he cooks home-made pizza (almost) every Friday

Check more of his work on his Instagram account @esiracusaimages Рand his travel photography website:


Romana was born and raised in the Portuguese countryside and she always considered herself a citizen of the world. She loves her family, and lives to read, travel, explore and take photographs. She works remotely as head of marketing for a SaaS company based in the UK. She’s very customer focused, a bit workaholic and always full of ideas and hopes. She’s a natural-born mentor and loves helping people grow and develop in their career. She never stops learning new skills and challenging herself.

Romana used to help Emanuele shooting weddings, and managing our social media, but she isn’t actively involved with Your Story in Photos anymore.

Follow her instagram account @Romana.Siracusa


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Your Story in Photos - About us image with all the family. Photo by Agata Mendes
Family portrait of Lisbon Photographer Your Story in Photos - Photo Credit: Agata Mendes
Family Portrait of Lisbon Photographer Your Story in Photos - Photo Credit: Agata Mendes

Special thanks to our friend Agata Mendes for taking these beautiful photos of our family!