If you ended up here, then most likely there’s a big event happening in your life, so let us start with: 


We’re Romana and Emanuele. We’re a couple and a team and we’re Lisbon based photographers. We’re the proud “co-owners” of our favourite human: our 6-year-old boy (he was 4 when he shot our picture above) and also the co-owners of Your Story in Photos.

We are hopeless wanderers, foodies, curious minds and human rights advocates.

Our style is documentary but with an added personal, creative touch – we make images with a strong narrative elements. Images that define a moment, an event, the relationship between people.

Ultimately, telling visual stories through photography is what we do. And we love doing it for you because beautiful, creative documentary images will make your event memorable and will make it live through generations.


Our love for photography began several years ago when we were both living in Dublin, Ireland. Our camera taught us to look at the world from different perspectives, motivated us to find stories and beauty in the most unexpected things and gave us a break of creativity from our corporate jobs.


Emanuele is from beautiful Siracusa in the south eastern corner of Sicily, Italy, but he left his hometown when he was 18. He’s been a professional photographer for several years and has worked with various clients in the travel & tourism industry, including the Tourism Bureau of Central Portugal, Momondo, and Mr. Hudson Explores. He photographed Portuguese author Nelson Carvalheiro‘s book on Portuguese Gastronomy “Viagens pelas receitas de Portugal“, which won two international Gourmand awards. Out of his interest in social issues, Emanuele also works on projects along with several Portuguese and international NGOs.

Check more of his work on his Instagram accounts – @streetsoflisbon and @esiracusaimages – and his travel photography website: EmanueleSiracusa.com


Romana was born and raised in the Portuguese countryside but she always considered herself a citizen of the world. She loves her family, and lives to travel, explore and photograph. When not shooting with Emanuele, she’ll be at home working as a marketing consultant for international brands. She’s very customer focused, a bit workaholic and always full of ideas and hopes. She never stops learning new skills and challenging herself.

Check her instagram account @Romana.Siracusa


Made in Bali and half Portuguese – half Italian, Diego is a “gift” we brought back from a 9 month trip around the world. He gives us lessons about forgiveness, creativity and curiosity. He keeps us active but he also reminds us how important it is to keep mindful and focused on the enjoyment of the present moment. Diego loves to cook muffins and cupcakes with mom and preparing pizza with dad (spreading the flour all around is his favourite part!).

Diego likes photography too: his mum and dad are his favourite subjects, but he’s too young to have an Instagram account – please check back in a few years 🙂


We found out about our pregnancy the morning of our first wedding of the season in 2018. Leo went to all the weddings and shoots that year in mommy’s belly and he was such a good boy!

He was born in December 2018 and he enjoys mommy’s milk, a good nap and all the kisses he can get from his big brother, mommy and daddy.

Oh and he’s already a great poser!


Contact us today – we’d love to meet you! We live in the Lisbon district but we’re often in Sicily or Dublin. We’d love to grab a coffee with you if we’re close to each other. If not, let’s arrange a Skype call. We’re looking forward to meeting you!