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Paddy and David: Gay Destination Wedding in Lisbon

Have you ever had one of those “pinch me” moments? I remember getting them at David and Paddy’s wedding. These guys are so in love with each other and so meant to be together. How amazing it is that I and Emanuele got to witness such a beautiful expression of love.

Paddy is from the US and David is Portuguese, but they both live and work in the UK. They decided to have their destination wedding in Portugal, not only because of David’s tie with the country, but also and most importantly because they love Lisbon and its amazing vibe. Not a bad choice if you ask me 🙂

We met them in Lisbon a few months before their wedding, for the engagement photoshoot we offer as part of our wedding photography packages. Because they know the city very well, they took the lead when it came to decide on the shooting locations and took us to some of their “special” places in Lisbon town. It was great fun and we bonded very well together.

When we met them on their wedding day we felt like we were part of the family, and we all felt totally comfortable with each other.

It was a dream wedding, and everything went perfectly, but to me the real highlight of the day was the ceremony itself. The exchange of vows and the speeches of the family members were so touching and heartfelt, and in a couple of occasions I had to fight back tears while photographing.

After the ceremony, which took place inside the evocative ruins of an old chapel, we took some family portraits and then took Paddy and David for a walk in the wedding estate to take their couple time portraits. Once back to the venue they enjoyed a cocktail with their guests, then headed to dinner, then cut the cake, had their first dance, and finally partied the night away with their friends.

If the event went so well, it was also thanks to the fantastic wedding planning team – Rita and Cláudia from Oui Love You. They are so good at what they do and we enjoyed working with them as a team! Hopefully we’ll be working together more and more 🙂

To Paddy and David: We love you guys so much! Keep that beautiful spark you guys have!


“The photos are absolutely stunning!  You are masters at capturing the moments, the emotions and the memories.  We are absolutely blown away.” (David)

“It has been 11 months since our wedding, and I am just now finding the words to convey how incredible these two are (and I know my words won’t do them justice!) 11 months on and still, just about every day I look at one or another of the photos they took and each time I do I am transported back to those special moments – that is the power of Emanuele and Romana’s photography. What I cherish most about their photography style is that they absolutely captured the day as I remember it – in real, candid, honest photos that evoke the joy, excitement, anticipation, deep emotions and fullness of love from our wedding day. They treated us like family from the start, and they immediately put us at ease. During our engagement photo shoot we made them walk all over Lisbon to all out favourite spots (sorry, guys!), and these two made us feel like rock stars: hugging, kissing, laughing, skipping, talking … by the end we felt completely natural being photographed in public. They treated our special day like it was theirs and gave it all the care and attention that they know it deserved. They truly captured our memories and, through their photos, created the most incredible and beautiful narrative – the story of our wedding day. You can tell when two people love what they do, and put their hearts and souls into it; and these two do!” (Paddy)

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