Eliza Sam | A love story photoshoot in Lisbon

Hong Kong actress Eliza Sam came to Portugal to shoot some scenes for a TV series. She brought her husband along with her so that they could visit Lisbon and enjoy some tourist time during breaks. When Josh, Eliza’s husband, contacted us via e-mail inquiring about possibly hiring us for a photoshoot in Lisbon, we had no clue that they were actually staying at a hotel very close to our home, in the north-western part of the Lisbon district (what a coincidence – they were in fact shooting in our area, somewhere along the coast, if I remember correctly). We also had no clue that Eliza was a very well-known actress with such a big fan base in Hong Kong, and far beyond.

The afternoon we spent with them in Lisbon was epic. As you would expect from a movie star, Eliza was very comfortable in front of the camera, and, well, Josh was just as good (not bad for an investment banker, huh?) – They were fun, happy, energetic, and passionate, and I think it shows in the pictures.

The Gods of photography did their part too, and blessed us with the most beautiful light throughout the afternoon, especially at the very end of the shoot. But the sweetest part of it all was when, before parting ways, Josh commented that we probably don’t have anyone to take romantic photos of us. He then took one of our cameras and took an amazing picture of us – this guy has a lot of talents, doesn’t he? 🙂 Well, scroll till the very bottom and see it for yourself.


Eliza Sam and Joshua Ngo in Lisbon | Our favorite photos

Eliza Sam and her husband walk in front of a piece of street art in the Mouraria neighbourhood in Lisbon, as part of a shoot with Lisbon photographers Your Story in Photos
Eliza Sam hugs her husband Joshua Ngo as part of a romantic photoshoot in Lisbon
an elderly woman looks at Eliza Sam and Joshua Ngo as they're sitting on some stairs in a traditional Lisbon neighbourhood as part of a photoshoot with Lisbon Photographers Your Story in Photos
Eliza Sam and Joshua Ngo hug in the street in Lisbon, Portugal as a tram car passes behind them
Eliza Sam and Joshua Ngo in a romantic pose with Alfama's roofs as a backdrop, during a photoshoot in Lisbon
Eliza Sam and Joshua Ngo in a romantic pose in the Alfama neighbourhood in Lisbon
Eliza Sam and Joshua Ngo sit at the old docks on the southern bank of the Tagus river in Lisbon at sunset

…And as promised here’s the photo that Josh took of us, edited by Emanuele. Well done Josh! and THANK YOU

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